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Artigos sobre Fractais:
  1. Introdução aos Fractais
  2. O Caos e a Ordem - Introdução mitológica
  3. Texturas Fractais
  4. Padrões Geométricos de Penrose
  5. Antigos fractais brasileiros - 1987
  6. Livros recomendados - Bibliografia sobre fractais
  7. A Matemática do Delírio - Fractais e o Grupo Fractarte na revista "Super Interessante" (matéria da capa)
  8. Gráficos 3D com Wolfram Alpha
  9. Estruturas fractais em Biologia
  10. Grupo Fractarte na Revista Brasileira da Academia Brasileira de Letras
  11. Fórum de discussão
  12. Blog e Álbum de Fotos feito com o Postbit (crie seu blog e álbum de fotos)
  13. Fractal Phoenix Julia - Ikebana

Livros recomendados
Bibliografia sugerida sobre fractais

  • Chaos and Fractals - New Frontiers of Science (clique para comprar na Amazon.com)
    (by Peitgen, Jürgens, Saupe - Springer-Verlag)
    984 pages! The definitive book on chaos and fractals, covering the central ideas and concepts of chaos and fractal theory, and including spectacular illustrations. Chapters: The Backbone of Fractals, Classical Fractals and Self-Similarity, Limits and Self-Similarity, Length, Area and Dimension, Encoding Images by Simple Transformations, The Chaos Game, Recrusive Structures, Pascal's Triangle: Cellular Automata and Attractors, Irregular Shapes, Deterministic Chaos, Order and Chaos, Strange Attractors, Julia Sets, The Mandelbrot Set, A Discussion of Fractal Image Compression, Multifractal Measures.

  • Fractals: The Patterns of Chaos - Bem ilustrado - (clique para comprar na Amazon.com)
    (by John Briggs)
    In "Fractals: The Patterns of Chaos", science writer John Briggs uses over 170 illustrations to clearly explain the significance -- and more importantly, the beauty -- of fractals. He describes how fractals were discovered, how they are formed, and the unique properties different fractals share. Fractals is a breathtaking guided tour of a brand new aesthetic of art, science, and nature. It will revolutionize the way you see the world and your place within it.

  • Chaos - Making a New Science - Boa introdução - (clique para comprar na Amazon.com)
    (by James Gleick)
    Have you ever wondered why a leaf or tree is shaped the way it is? Can science explain the seemingly randomness of nature? This book will make your imagination run wild. Pure science meets Mother Nature. I would read from this book each night before I went to bed and then just dream about the possibilities.

  • The Fractal Geometry of Nature - Livro clássico do Mandelbrot - (clique para comprar na Amazon.com)
    (By Benoit Mandelbrot)
    This tome is the immortal classic that introduces fractals. The mechanics and beauty of fractals are presented in a very readable manner that is sure to pique the interest of anyone seeking a deterministic, yet almost supernaturally pervasive paradigm of the structure of the universe.

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